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The Badass Women of Kansas City in The Time of Covid-19

It's March 24th, 2020. Kansas City officially began a mandatory stay in place at midnight. Covid-19 has taken our city by storm, if not by the virus itself, then by the total disruption in our local economy. Business are shutting their doors either temporarily or in some cases, permanently. There is so much negative energy on social media right now that it's hard to scroll through your feed.

This blog however, is NOT going to be one of those negative posts.

I am a small business owner. I make my living by creating beautiful pieces of art for my clients. So I run my business with the intention of creating joy and happiness for my people. It is not in my nature to be negative even though I am human and it happens sometimes. But mostly, I try to do good and help where I can. And I've found so many other business owners feel the same way. I'm lucky enough to belong to an amazing group of women entrepreneurs who have the same "Lift as we climb" mentality that I do. The Badass Women Entrepreneurs of Kansas City is a Facebook group with a mission to help women thrive in business. It's a place of growth and ever present is the mentality that together, we can do anything.

Over the last couple weeks, as things have started unraveling for small businesses, I have been witness in this group to an amazing amount of love, compassion, and unwillingness to let any of the women in the group go under without a fight. Many of these women have divided their time between running their business, managing home schooling for their kids, and also finding a way to give back to the community. I would like to give these ladies some serious credit for everything they are doing.

Sewing For a Good Cause

Katy Hanenberger-Bailey is the Owner of Recut Designs; a business centered around creating handmade pieces full of love and comfort- just like Grandma used to make. Katy is a fabric and intuitive artist, creating pieces that will add warmth to your home. Her pot holders and wall art are all unique and she also does baby changing pads and burp pads. When Covid-19 hit Kansas City and people start fear shopping, it subsequently started a major shortage of protective masks for healthcare workers and first responders such as fire fighters, EMT's and police. Katy saw a need and put aside creating her lovely pieces to help fill it. She has since been creating masks to take to North Kansas City Hospital and local fire stations and police stations. Katy used to be a police officer herself and he husband is still an officer on the front lines. To support Katy, I've linked her website above, but you can also follow her journey on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

A Need for Clean(ing Supplies).

Another lady making a big impact right now is Alexandria Jackson. Alexandria knows a thing or two about healthy, organic cleaning supplies. Which is great, because the last time I was at any store, there was little to nothing on the shelves. Alexandria has partnered with a USA based distributor to bring cleaning supplies to people, shipped directly to their homes. And better yet? She knows that in this time of extreme uncertainty, people need a little extra help so she's giving free shipping on orders over $90. You can set up a customer account HERE and email her to get your discount code applied. Her email address is jacksona0302@gmail.com. Mention MARSHAFREESHIP in your email.

Your Digital Doula

Listen, there are so many things to worry about while you're pregnant. From weight gain (too much or too little) to swollen ankles, and making sure you're doing everything you can to grow a healthy baby; being pregnant can wear on even the strongest of women. Fear of catching Covid-19 is just icing on the giant pickle and peanut butter sandwich. That's where Mary Pope comes in. Mary is a Doula and Owner of Oh Baby KC, LLC. Her mission right now is to make sure that mama's stay calm and safe during this pandemic. At this moment, Doula's are not allowed in the delivery room so she is doing the next best thing; offering her expertise in a digital way. Parent's-to-be can contact Mary to do birthing plan sessions, schedule digital Doula support in Labor and Delivery, postpartum checks and more. She also has 4 other Doulas in her collective and says that for expectant mom's "having peace of mind that someone has their back while they're planning for birth and a hotline to call if they need guidance or advice, plays a huge part in mental health". For more information, you can follow the link above to her website and follow her on Facebook HERE.

What Does Cookie Taste Like?

While the ladies mentioned above are taking care of our health and safety, and doing an amazing job at it too, I want to take the focus to another lady that is bringing a little fun to a pretty scary time. Being a mom and also primarily a child photographer, I'm around kids all the time. With that said, I have to talk about the fact that OMG our kids are home 24/7 from now until ???????? Now, there is no doubt that I love my boys. I love being around them and even when they are driving me up a wall, they still make me smile- even if it's a slightly crazed smile. With that said, we have a long road ahead of us of doing nothing except hanging out at home, home schooling, and trying to find things to do that don't consist of staring at the TV or tablets. And it's hard, y'all.

Fear not! There is help... at least for a few minutes.

Shay Scherer, Owner of Scherer Girl Cakes and Confections, is bringing something sweet to the day to day insanity of the mandatory stay in place. Every Monday morning in April, Shay will be running a "decorate your own dessert" kit giveaway on her Facebook page (linked above). Each kit will include a delicious, premade dessert, precolored and ready to use frosting, and decorations. And each week will be a different goodie! All you have to do is let your tiny humans go wild creating their very own cookie, cupcake, or other sweet treat. Each kit will then be available for porch pick-up (practice social distancing, peeps) in a sterilized cooler by Wednesday. In order to qualify, simply like her Facebook page and watch each Monday morning for the giveaway post. She will give instructions at the time of each giveaway.

After All This, We Will Be Okay

I know there are so many other people doing good for our community. It fills my heart to think that at a time in which selfishness due to fear could be the norm, there are so many people opening their hearts to those in need. I believe that Kansas City is truly one of the best places to live and the amount of support in our communities really drives that point home. Stay safe my friends. Stay healthy. Stay home. We will be okay.