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Fun Ways to Capture The Moment While Practicing Social Distancing

If, like me and my family, you're stuck at home and having a hard time finding things to fill your day, consider getting out your camera! Obviously, as a photographer, I'm a bit partial, but to me it's so fun to get the camera out and just play with the family. Since sessions are currently on pause due to #socialdistancing, I like to get out in the back yard with the boys and pup and followed them around like I'm the Paparazzi. It's a great way to brush up on my action shots and create beautiful memories from an otherwise not great time in history.

Kota the Flying Dog- 2020

For those that are wanting new photos of their families, but can't get to one of the amazing photographers in their community, I've put together a few fun ideas. I hope everyone out there is staying safe and the parents having to home school aren't completely losing their minds (Common Core Math, am I right?!).

Shawnee Mission Park- 2020

1. Shoot Outside:

When starting off, shooting outside gives you ideal lighting without expensive flashes or extra equipment. There are certain times of the day that are not easy, even for seasoned photographers. Between 10am and about 2pm is difficult because the sun is right over head and causes harsh shadows. Try to shoot in a shady area or in the evening; within about two hours of sunset or early morning. Make sure that if you are shooting in the shade of a tree, that the sun spots don't fall on your subjects face. You can see examples HERE.

Just a Girl & Her Pepper

2. Include Your Pets:

This is becoming more and more popular with pet owners. I have done quite a few sessions in the last few months of families with their pups. I know in our family, our dog is like another little kid. She makes big messes, gives the best hugs, and brings a lot of laughs to the whole family. It was important to me that in our most recent family photo, we included her. I think if you capture your pets as family members, you'll be so much more satisfied and happy you did. Especially after they have gone.

Fun Family Series

3. Try to Shoot For a Series

One of my favorite things to shoot for is a series of images that flow well and can be placed in a frame together. This can be either for the whole family as show here, or for each kid. If you're doing one of the kids individually, the trick is to give prompts that will create a call for action. Things like "blow kisses" or "make your best funny face" or "Make a fishy face". These work especially well for kids that are a bit older; over 1 year old for sure. It is so cute to see all of the faces that kids come up with.

ISO 400; Shutter Speed 3200/sec; F3.2

4. Try Out Manual Mode:

Let's be honest, unless you have spent a significant amount of time studying your camera, there's a good chance that you tend to shoot on auto because it's the easiest setting. The camera chooses which setting will be ideal for the setting you're in and you're good to go. Take this time to learn about the manual setting on your camera! Here is an easy setting for full sun and a crazy toddler running around. ISO 400; Shutter Speed 3200/sec; F3.2. This can be adjusted up or down as needed to get your desired outcome. This setting will give you a nice blur or Bokeh in the background and any movement happening will be caught.

If you would like to learn about your camera and all the amazing things you can do with it, I'll be writing a more technical article on this subject at a later date. Also, I offer private lessons via zoom or in person once things go back to "normal". You can inquire about these lessons or set a future session by clicking HERE.

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